The Three Rs: Reading, Writing and Remembering

March 28, 2011By AlexBlog No Comments

I read Stuart Evers’ blog about Georges Perec’s  fabulous Life A User’s Manual with great interest (Evers adds a colon to the title of Perec’s novel that doesn’t appear in my copy). One of the bitter shades who haunt that journalistic Abaddon, comments sections, suggested beneath my review of Evers’ Ten Stories About Smoking on … Read More

A Year On – the Writer’s Life

March 4, 2011By AlexBlog 2 Comments

This Bleeding City was published a year ago today. I thought I’d try to write down some of the thoughts and impressions that occur to me as I contemplate this mad, fantastic year. Firstly, though, I guess I should look back two years, back to when my agent delivered the novel to Faber, and a … Read More

A Small-Boned Woman

January 9, 2011By AlexBlog 1 Comment

I received a small book for Christmas. Hardback, its cover reminded me of the elegant wallpaper of some Bloomsbury salon: dark green leaves and what might be sloe berries against an ecru background. The book tells the story of a girl called Sally Waite, the precocious daughter of a well-off Southern couple, whom we first meet … Read More

Shoreditch House Literary Salon

June 8, 2010By AlexBlog No Comments

When I was asked to do the Shoreditch House Literary Salon, I thought I had a pretty good idea of the vibe. There’d be snide, perennially 39-year old television execs leaning against the bar and talking in loud, nasal voices as I read; horsey girls called Bella touching their nostrils and braying about shoes; no … Read More

Beckett, Repetition and The Tiger Who Came to Tea

May 5, 2010By AlexBlog No Comments

I was writing an essay on Beckett’s prose and the minimalist composers recently, and something kept nagging at the edge of my consciousness. The thesis of the piece I was working on was that Beckett, like Philip Glass or Steve Reich, uses the interaction of repetition and snatched moments of extraordinary lyricism to convey life … Read More