Essays and Criticism

Panic Literature in Untitled Books – March 2010

David Jones, Poet and Painter in The Thought Fox – August 2010

On Japan in the New Statesman – March 2011

God’s Bankers in the Independent on Sunday – April 2011

On David Foster Wallace in The Telegraph – April 2011

Faith-Based Investing in the New Statesman – April 2011

The Bankrupt Nihilism of Leo Grin in Salon Futura – May 2011

Align With Dissent: On Tom Paulin in the New Statesman – October 2011

Changing the Moral Climate: On Occupy and the Church in We Love This Book – November 2011

Things Fall Apart: The End of Year Essay in the New Statesman – December 2011

On Book Touring in Athens in the New Statesman – January 2012

Book of a Lifetime: Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair in The Independent – February 2012

Top Ten Literary Believers in the Guardian – February 2012

The Neo-Trollopians in the Observer – February 2012

Banker Blood in the Big Issue – February 2012

Five Priests in Untitled Books – March 2012

On Greg Smith and Goldman Sachs in the Independent – April 2012

Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 for Normblog – May 2012

The East Anglian Renaissance in the New Statesman – June 2012

Tale of a City in the New Statesman – July 2012

The Rise and Fall of Investment Banking in the New Statesman – October 2012

Edinburgh World Writers; Festival, Siberia – November 2012

Not New Book of the Year in the Guardian – January 2013

The Review Show in the Guardian – March 2013

Out of the Cold in the New Statesman – May 2013

Prozac and Creativity in the Observer – May 2013

Abuja: Nigeria’s Unfinished Capital Built on Stolen Land in BBC Magazine – October 2013

Sons of Anarchy – Boko Haram in GQ – February 2014

Room at the Top – London’s Super Prime Housing Market in the Observer – April 2014

Boko Haram’s War on Women in GQ – May 2014

Jade Smuggling in Burma in BBC Magazine – July 2014

Field of Dreams in Town & Country – August 2014

The Death of Privacy in the Observer – August 2014

In Search of the Komodo Dragon in Harper’s Bazaar – September 2014

Florence in Harper’s Bazaar – September 2014

The End of Sex in The Observer – September 2014

Drug-Taking Parents in The Observer – October 2014

Brideshead Revisited in Town & Country – November 2014

Fear of Flying in The Observer – December 2014

Interview with Sophie Turner in Town & Country – January 2015

The Burmese Bin Laden in GQ – February 2015

Ten Best Sex Scenes in The Guardian – February 2015

At the Karachi Literature Festival in The Observer – February 2015

The War Against the Humanities in The Observer – March 2015

Brexit in The Observer – April 2015

The Mysterious Murder of a Pakistani Professor in Newsweek – April 2015

The Man Who Sleeps in Hitler’s Bed in The Guardian – June 2015

The Man Who Sleeps in Hitler’s Bed – Podcast – July 2015

Yeonmi Park and North Korea in The Observer – October 2015

Sara Khan in The Guardian – October 2015

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