Dark Days

March 2, 2010By AlexBlog 1 Comment

I remember my first headmaster – an oak of a man, habitually silent and brooding – spoke to us one spring morning. I was twelve. Sunlight slanted into the hall and fell in bars upon my feet. I remember it clearly because there was rare emotion in his voice. This was a man left taciturn … Read More

YARN Festival – The Odyssey, Book Nine

February 24, 2010By AlexBlog 1 Comment

I took part in East London’s YARN festival this year. I was given Book Nine of the Odyssey to re-shape. Below I set out the result, which I read before a very friendly crowd on the evening of 23rd February. I had been nervous about performing my work in public, but there was something really … Read More


February 9, 2010By AlexBlog No Comments

I started off writing poetry. I was a pale, rather studious teenager and this was what we did. I have the poems somewhere in a drawer – overwrought, humourless things that make my skin crawl now. The poem below is the first I have written for ten years, the first since I was a teenager. … Read More


January 29, 2010By AlexBlog No Comments

I have a theory that we are all trapped at a certain age. That at a particular time in our lives things converge, our external and internal worlds reach a state of equilibrium and everything before and – crucially – after this seems reflected in the still water of that time. It is not that … Read More

Going Home

January 14, 2010By AlexBlog No Comments

I haven’t been home for four years. Or at least the place I think of when someone says the word “home”. A Victorian terraced house that sits amidst an organised delta of roads leading down to the sea in Worthing. My parents don’t live there anymore; I have few friends in the town. Those childhood friends I am … Read More